This is Kota Street Food Guide, made possible because of collaboration with Kota Ke Bhukkad. 

I often wonder why street food is not named as a “magnet”. After all, it has the power to attract all empty stomachs and make them go completely relished, a power to make all diet conscious people wake up at midnight and have few big spoonfuls of brownie, a power of mesmerising the tongue and watering the lips with its looks.

Street Food is the most readily available and unbeatable to those served in five stars. And what could be better for the food explorers out there to whom street food not only adds new flavors to life ( or tongue, one & the same thing!), but also new friends, new stories, and new experiences.

Well to be true. There are people who see food as a need to survive, & there are the ones who LIVE FOR FOOD. For the latter, it is the huge varieties and flavours of food which keep their pulse running.

It may be that meethi si doodh jalebi

Or that tip tip barasta hua golgappa

Grabbing those fatty cheese filled burgers and sandwiches.

Or those creamy sauce pastas and Manchurian balls

Dil ko sukoon dene vala faalooda

Or that chatpati si chatkara bhelpuri


Here is the list of best street food you cannot afford to miss in Kota City. Some are very famous & you’ll instantly have those flashbacks of good times & other are somewhat less-known for you to try and suggest your dear ones.

1. Let’s start with what Kota is most famous for. Oh, you know the name even before you read it. It’s the Pyaaz Kachori from Jodhpur Namkeens, Gumanpura.

Pyaaz Ki Kachori in Kota

Pyaaz Ki Kachori at Jodhpur Namkeens, Gumanpura


2. The UFO food truck is somewhat a new concept for Kota. It’s placed on station road near Hotel Rallentino and serves a variety of dishes prepared inside a food van. The UFO special burger being the best among the dishes we have tasted.

UFO Truck Kota

UFO Special Burger at UFO Food Truck


3. And among the 3 most famous sandwich spots lies this one. Shri Ram sandwich wala, multipurpose school. Such a fun and an entertaining Sindhi guy to talk to until your sandwich or patties get prepared.

Sandwich Places in Kota

Shree Ram Sandwich



4. Hmm.. The most humiliated place on posts like ‘Rs.10 me aapke yaha kitne golgappe milte hai’ on Instagram because this place provides a little costlier deal than others, but it’s taste and quality makes it all worth the money. Amar Chaat, Gumanpura main road.

Pani Puri in Kota

Amar Chaat


5. Delhi’s Food Town is the new happening place in Talwandi. It has done a fairly great job by providing both indoor as well as outdoor sitting areas. Also, it has a menu with variety enough to confuse your mind. Address-4-w-3 sector 4 Talwandi Main Road.

Delhi’s Food Town


6. Well, don’t judge this place because of its buildup. Trust me, try the amazing desi flavoured dishes here. Jai Jinendra fast food center, Station Road.

Places to eat in Kotax

Jai Jinendra, Fast Food


7. This Shop No J-20, Near Petrol Pump, Jawahar Nagar Main Road named Chatkazz proves to be a nice place to have delish food on the go. I like the way they serve cold drink here, btw 😀 

Street Food Corners in Kota

Chatkazz in Jawahar Nagar


8.  Hi5! Oh, no no! Not the real Hi5! I am talking about this super happening food place in Talwandi named Hi5. Too much variety, taking care of your pockets at the same time. Ever imagined a nice Tadke wala pizza at just Rs. 50? They have it. They care about your savings 😀 Address- Friends Paradise, Indra Vihar, Talwandi.

Hi5 in Talwandi


Each of these dishes has its own way of delighting our taste buds & that’s why it makes to our first Kota Street Food Guide.



These eight street foods joint according to us serve the best dishes in town. We are not saying there are just 8 of them, there are surely more and we are exploring them one at a time on our Instagram account @kota_ke_bhukkad & telling you where to eat & what to eat in Kota.