Open Sunday Jam at TMC – For Music Lovers in Kota

You must have complaint many times that your Sunday Evenings aren’t lively at all ? That there is no place in the city where you could spend some quality time, and have fun !

Well, your prayers haven’t gone in waste.
Open Sunday Jam at TMC is a perfect place for Music lovers in Kota

Learn Music in Kota

And you heard it right. It is open for everyone. People of any age group, studying any discipline are welcome here. There is just one preliminary requirement though –You must have a passion for Music.

So music lovers in Kota, you can be a part of Open Sunday Jam at TMC every Sunday evening from 5 to 7 PM. Here you will come to listen great music, meet interesting people, and even to bring out that secret musician in you.

music classes in kota

Gaurav Gupta is the Founder & Teacher at TMC where he also teaches keyboard and guitar.
TMC is located in Gumanpura, opposite to Hotel Bharat. Go check out this cool place. And let us know in comments below, how you find it
You can know more The Music Club here 


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