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Your trip to Rajasthan is incomplete if you haven’t tasted these 10 mouth watering dishes

If you have been to the land of royals, you must have found it beautifully breathtaking and got enthralled with its majestic forts and havelis,  the colorful markets and narrow streets, and the culture that is thousands of years old.

Each city in Rajasthan has a charm of its own, with cultures intersecting and sightseeing getting prettier as you travel from cities to towns to villages.

Generally admits making plans, boarding trains / buses, visiting heritage sites and attending famous festivals, people miss out on the delicious food that the state has to offer. So here we are with a list of 10 dishes which are “must 10 eats”  for your next trip to Rajasthan. We haven’t covered all of them, just 10 which are personal favorite and among the popular ones.

1. Daal batti churma– At first instance, you have might no clue how to eat this! If you’re one of those who eat with ‘Forks and knives,’ well, you need to keep them away! The Battis or Baflas are dipped in ghee and served hot and Churma is sweet and prepared by crushing the Batti.


2. Ker Sangri– Ask anywhere in India except Rajasthan, what is Ker Sangri, you’ll get a confused shake of head. The vegetable grows wild and unattended in Rajasthan and few parts of Gujarat. It is a kind of pickle and the dish goes well with bajra roti.

ker-samgriIMAGE SOURCE

3. Besan gatta/Govind gatta– Gatte are an integral part of Rajasthani thali. Govind gatta have rich stuffing of raisins, paneer etc.

besan-gatteIMAGE SOURCE

4. Gatte ka pulao– This is basically fresh steamed rice with spicy gate.



5. Rajasthani Kadi– The flavours of a Rajasthani Kadi is far more different then that cooked in other parts of India. Kadi is spiced yogurt based sauce and is thickened with gram flour.



6. Mawa Kachori– Mawa kachori as the name suggests, is a kachori with Khoya and dry fruits stuffing, dipped in sugar syrup.



7. Pyaaz ki Kachori– Whereas pyaaz is Kachori is available in other parts of India also, but it is basically first made in Rajasthan. The kachori is stuffed with onions, potatoes and spices.

buy kota kachori

8. Churma Ladoo– These desi ghee ladoos form a part of a daal batti churma thali. No Rajasthani dish is complete without these delicious sweet ladoos.


IMAGE Source

9. Laapsi- Laapsi is a sweet dish made on auspicious occasions as it is sweet and mostly consumed with Kadi. It is made up of cracked wheat, raisins, cardamom etc.


10. Atte ka Malpua– Atte ka Malpua is fried malpua soaked in saffron flavoured syrup to give it an extra dose of sugar and flavour.

atta-malpuaIMAGE Source

So next time you plan your trip to Rajasthan, make sure you visit some nice restaurants or popular dhabas and please your appetite with the food which is delicious and as royal as it can get (lots of gheee !).

Feel free to share more recipes that you love from Rajasthan, and we’ll be happy to update this list. Share this post with a foodie friend !

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  1. narendra malav

    very nice this a super good food of the world without any side effect pure vegetarian any one can enjoy healthy food needs body ….dal bati churma…tomato/ onion/chilly/radish/carrot/cucumber/..salads….and so many verities of eating…….

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