Date was 17th October. Place – A cafe in Kota City, Mr. Tea Cafe. And we had our first  meetup with many awesome people showing up at the venue.


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You can say that it was the first of its kind event in Kota. It was free & open for everyone who had the slightest interest in Photography


We shared experiences, told each other how we got into this fascinating field of Photography. We had Varun with us, a very talented photographer, who told everyone about some Basic Techniques in DSLR Photography. Varun also showed his work, which was simply brilliant & it inspired many.

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These were the few things Varun talked about –

  •  Camera Settings
  • Framing
  • Choice of Lens
  • Timing 

Overall it was fun ! People met fellow photographers which would help in building a community in future. Everyone learned about one or two new things. Most important of all, we had a good time, not to forget the free chai from Mr. Tea Cafe.

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Hope to have more amazing MeetUps in future on many different creative themes like Designing, Writing, Sketching, etc .


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