Kids from Madhusmriti orphanage received Ma ke hath ka Khaana on Mother’s day – A radio city Initiative

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, RadioCity decided to do something really beautiful! To provide “Ma ke hath ka khaana” to the children who don’t get this privilege in their lives.

The initiative appealed to a lot of Mothers in Kota City and they brought homemade food cooked by them for these children.

Mothers spent this special day at “Madhu Smriti Sanasthan” an orphanage in Rangbari, serving the food they bought for the kids.

Ma ke hath ka khaana

It turned out to be a beautiful day. Children sang songs, played games, met RJ Bani of RadioCity and ate delicious food cooked by the mothers.

For mothers also, it was a day-to-remember! What else could have been a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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