On February 14, 2017, Kashmir valley witnessed yet another act of intrepidity, that will be saved in the history for its unique gallantry….

We love superheroes with capes but this time a uniform man mesmerised us with his indomitable rage. The sky saw his passion, the soil soaked his blood, the bullets thudded in the dusty air, leaving the entire nation astounded by his flair. He defeated death, and all the bullets that shot him, are resting in peace.



CRPF Commandant Cheetah

Chetan Kumar Cheetah is a CRPF commanding officer of the 45th battalion. He joined CRPF in January 1998. Son of a Retired RAS Officer, who lives in Kota. Cheetah currently lives in Najafgarh in south-west Delhi. Besides a meticulous professional, Cheetah is also a dedicated family man. His family visited Srinagar just a few days before he got injured.

This braveheart desires to be a part of CoBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action), a specialised unit of the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force).

The Theatre of War

14th February: When CRPF commandant Chetan Cheetah displayed an example of valour.

He was stationed at the Kashmir Valley. He got information from Jammu and Kashmir police, that two terrorists are hiding in the Hijan village of Bandipora district in Jammu and Kashmir. Upon receiving the information, a joint operation by J&K police, CRPF and Army was carried out. The two militants were heavily armed. However, Chetan did not hesitate or wait for a backup force to join him, as it would have alerted the militants.

During, the operation he fired 16 rounds even after he was badly injured. His daredevil act led to the killing of top Lashkar-e-Taiba(LeT) commander Abu Musaib.

The BATTLE after the battlefield

Chetan Cheetah in Hospital

He was heavily wounded in the attack, his arms were fractured. He had many injuries in the abdomen, pelvic regions and several bullet injuries in his head. The globe of his right eye had ruptured and “maxillofacial” injury. He was initially taken to the base hospital in Srinagar where he was operated upon and given primary treatment, after which he was flown to the AIIMS Trauma Centre in New Delhi. Cheetah was in coma for 16 days.

Shifted to ward on March 16, 2017, where he underwent rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy and speech therapy with a total ICU stay of 30 days.

“His comeback to normal life has shown the true grit of a warrior”, Anurag Srivastava, Chief of AIIMS Trauma Centre, said.

His Courageous Heroine: “Uma Singh”.

Uma, daughter of an army officer and wife of Cheetah. Uma, who lives in Delhi with two kids, said Cheetah would call her daily at a particular time but on the day of the encounter he didn’t, which gave her a premonition that something was wrong.

Kota welcomes Chetan Cheetah

She said, “He is a fighter and a man of commitment.”  The journey is not yet over for him and the final reward for her would be the day when her husband would don his uniform again and return to work, are her words. She had a firm belief that Cheetah would win the battle with death. She stood rock solid and became the strength of her husband.


Video Credits : INDIA TODAY


This Independence Day, gave us, the residents of Kota a memorable moment as Chetan Cheetah was honoured with Kirti Chakra, the second highest gallantry award in peacetime, in New Delhi. The President of India, Mr Ram Nath Kovind awarded this prestigious award.


“I am rocking” are the words of the man who defeated death.

” After getting hit by so many bullets, I am sitting here and talking to you it seems that there is something left to be done yet. And it is only because I am special.”, said Cheetah in one of his interview.

Cheetah used to tell his colleagues in the CRPF, “We are no less than the ARMY when it comes to dealing with terrorists.”

Through, his acts of bravery cannot be limited to one article. But, let’s wish him luck for his future plans and keep ourselves inspired by his extraordinary tale of bravery and willpower.


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