Don’t Quit – A series of stories of people from Kota City which will inspire you to never quit

RadioCity 91.1 FM is airing a show named ‘Don’t Quit’ where they are bringing out stories of people from the city who never gave up on their dreams and now they are achieving milestones.

This initiative is brought to life to give a message of “Never Give Up”, especially to young students who come to Kota to prepare for various competitive exams and find themselves stressed and depressed.

“Don’t Quit” is a series of inspirational stories from Kota City which features a varied group of people – a mountain climber, a fitness & lifestyle expert, a  motivational speaker & even a app developer.

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These interviews are being aired everyday on RJ Ved’s evening show from 4 PM to 8 PM.  So do tune in to RadioCity during this time & hear stories of heroes from our own city.

Even a pinch of inspiration can boast your decision. So don’t miss these overwhelming tales of success


This Initiative by RadioCity is supported by Kota City Blog. If you know someone who has an inspiring story, do tell us, mail us at [email protected] & we’ll get in touch with you shortly.



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