Many a times we come across stories which rip us apart in an unusual way  and makes us feel lucky enough about ourselves and the circumstances we have.

These stories touch the strings of our hearts the way a guitarist plays for a lost love, the way a poet writes a ballad for his beloved and the same way way a soldier remembers his days of glory while succumbing to the duality of life.

Here’s one such story of a boy named Subhan Ali:

“My father met with an accident last month, my mother has a defective eye, she cannot do much work since ever. After the accident my father can’t do any work either. Now it’s on me, to look after my family and collect enough money for my Father’s treatment.

While I was in my village, I used to go to the Village school. Now when I am here, I just look for work.

I took some thousand rupees as a loan from an acquaintance in the village and moved to Kota in search of work.

It’s been a month and I have a total of some 1000 rs.only… ”

Subhan was selling flutes and related stuff at Dussehra Mela this year.

In our special feature series, Humans of Kota, we bring out stories of individuals who have overcome the adversities of life with their undying spirit of heroism and generosity.

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