There are people who want to be rich, there people who want peace to pervade their lives and there are people who want to devote their lives for others.

This time in humans of Kota we bring to you someone who just want to spend time with children and make this world a better place for them.

Presenting to you, Ravindra Maru Sir, one among the 35 people in India who are proactively working in the domain of ‘theatre in education’.

I always wanted a job which allows me to spend a large portion of my time with children”

One fine day, I read about a vacancy for Warden’s job in a newspaper. I asked around, “What does a warden do?”

That was then, and 15 years later I believe I took the right decision to become a warden. I joined Bal Vidyalaya School in Kota. Truth be told, it just feels like yesterday when I walked into this place which was about to give me a lifetime of happiness. Here my heartfelt desire to be with children found its home.

I asked myself “What more I can do for children?”

So out of curiosity, a few years back I went to a theatre workshop which was held in the city and auditioned for it. Rajendra Panchal was the person behind this workshop. When he asked me “Why do I wish to learn theatre”. I simply answered that I want to learn and apprehend whatever I can from here and benefit many children. He got a bit impressed and gave me a fair chance to learn from the workshop.

After that, my life took a drastic turn. I must say a very positive one. I started working with children and we began organizing plays. The more I worked with children, the more I realized the potential of ‘drama’ and how it can play a vital role, not just in their education but also in their overall growth as a human being.

There are only about 35 people in India who are proactively working in the domain of ‘Theatre in Education’ and I am blessed to be one of them.

My ultimate dream is to create a play which brings together the whole school at one platform, from the school bus driver to the principal with all the students. That would be something significant. That’s something I look forward to do in this life.

– Ravinder maru

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