In our much appreciated series of humans of Kota, we have always tried to bring out stories of people which can become an inspiration for many. One such story is of Mr. Kalyan Singh Hada- a gifted musician who lost both his eyes, seven fingers and one thumb at the age of six! Determined, he never quit and faced every adversity life threw at his door with a smile.

Here is his story:

At the backyard of our house, there was a center for gun shooting. I was sitting at the rooftop one day when someone fired few shots in the air. Grapeshot from the bullet hit me on my eyes and hands.


The very moment, I lost both my eyes, seven fingers and one thumb. I was just 6 years old then.


Very early in life, I accepted a harsh truth – That Life is about struggle, and for me it’s going to be a lot more.


I went to Ajmer to study few years later. It was a hostel cum school. There were few rules that everyone had to follow – Washing your own dishes and clothes. For these two tasks, students couldn’t take anyone else’s help or hire anyone to do it for them.


Everything was challenging in the beginning. Washing clothes was particularly difficult, as the soap would slip from hands as soon as I tried grabbing it. After much struggle, I found alternative of using ‘surf’ instead. Likewise, there were so many things for which I had to find new ways of doing them.


During my school time in Ajmer, I became more inclined towards music. After passing 12th from Ajmer, I completed BA from Open University, Double MA from Bundi College and then PHD from Rajasthan University. I joined as a Music Teacher in 1989 and I am currently working as a lecturer at G.S.S.S. , Mahatma Gandhi ,Rampura.


I have been recognize 3 times at District level, 2 times at State level and once by the Education Department.


I am uniquely gifted with my ability to play the complete Harmonium with just one finger. And if you don’t see me playing, you will feel that a musician with all his fingers is playing the instrument


Over the years, I have developed a very positive attitude towards life. I believe I can do all the tasks which you can do. I might not be as good as you, but I can surely do it. I might take more time than you, but I can definitely complete it.
– Kalyan Singh Hada


In our special feature series, Humans of Kota, we bring out stories of individuals who have overcome the adversities of life with their undying spirit of heroism and generosity.

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