The beauty of garadia is well known to us. The mesmerising look behold us all and makes us wish to lose ourselves in its beauty forever!

But do you know about the man who first captured this beauty and made people look at it, the way they do today?

He is Mr. Abdul Hanif Zaidi. A photographer, explorer, heritage conservationist and tourism promoter. People lovingly refer to him as “Zaidi Bhai”.

He started photography in 1970, a time when most of us were not even born.

Here is his story and how he unveiled the beauty of Garadia:

“It was back in 1999 when I attempted to capture a location. It wasn’t a popular place back then. People used to visit but no one actually tried to capture its beauty from a photographer’s perspective. I did that and a Newspaper published it the very next day.

Suddenly it attracted many eyes and more people started visiting it to experience the same beauty that caught my attention. In 2003, I clicked a few photographs of this place and sent it to Rajasthan Photography Competition. To my surprise, I won the first prize.

Later, it got Tourism Department’s attention and they started promoting it. This destination recently became world famous with Rajasthan Tourism Ads. It is “Garadia Mahadev”. I happened to discover it’s beauty in 1999. Today, it fills me with delight when I see young photographers & videographers capturing it in their unique ways. ”

“I believe every person has a certain talent in himself, he just needs to dig in deep to unleash it” said Zaidi bhai during our conversation.

The contribution of Mr. Abdul Hanif Zaidi is priceless​. We are glad he made his shot at Garadia and made it what it is today: an inevitable site of beauty.

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