History & Wildlife: Kota Art Gallery hosted an exhibition on two different subjects.

“We are not makers of history, we are made by history” – Martin Luther King.
One such masterpiece of history is The Constitution of India which has made us what we are today.

Kota art gallery, the treasurer of talent and heritage, held two exhibitions, one being about The Constitution of India and other one about the wildlife of Chambal.
The exhibition began from 1st oct and lasted for 3 days. It was inaugurated by the Yuvrani Smt. Kalpana devi and was witnessed by a variety of people from the city.

The exhibition spoke a lot about The Constitution which is the only one in the world that is an art work in itself and a calligraphic masterpiece. Each section is illustrated at the beginning by renowned artists, one of the main artists being a Rajasthani, Mr. Kripal Singh Shekhawat, known as the father of ‘blue pottery’ in Jaipur.

The illustrations with richly decorative borders cover the main periods of Indian history from Mohenjodaro to Freedom movement. One of the signatories and member of the Constituent Assembly who had played a major role in the preparation of the Constitution was from our city Kotah, Lt Col. Dalel Singh, who was a private secretary to Maharao Bhim Singh and a minister of Kotah state before independence.




The second exhibition was all about the Wildlife of Chambal. Wildlife photography framed all kinds of birds and animals from in and around the city of river Chambal.
The pictures were taken by different people with keen eyes. All the frames, from a pigeon to wild vulture or from a crocodile to a sloth bear, was all about what you see from unusual eyes rather than what you look at.





This ordinary exhibition was made an extraordinary one by the presence of children from various slum schools, bastis, and NGO’s who were given a blank canvas where they painted their thoughts and also solved some wildlife puzzles. Their little hands painted a masterpiece and the colors were just the reflection of their smiles.




The strings of guitar and the chords of The Music Club was no less than a cherry on the cake.


This was an exhibition were the past was witnessed by the present to shape a better future.

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