Incase Dust and Thunder Storms Hits Kota – Do’s & Don’ts

Dust and thunder storms are causing a mayhem in all the northern India, the government has issued an orange alert.

Over hundred people lost their lives and many got injured due to reoccurring Storms

There are chances of the storm in parts of Rajasthan, and Kota also comes in the list of vulnerable places.

we already witnessed something like that last week, when the storms hit the city and lots of trees fell down on the streets.

So here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for the next time to keep yourself safe during the storm.


  1. Stay indoors and away from verandas, balconies or windows.
  2. Keep a track of weather before heading out.
  3. Wear a mask or cover your face with a handkerchief to avoid inhaling fine dust particles.
  4. Close all the doors and windows.
  5. Unplug unnecessary electronics, and isolate them from the main supply.
  6. Keep children and animals indoors.
  7. If you’re driving, park your vehicle.
  8. Secure objects that can blow away and cause harm.


  1. Do not turn on the coolers; as it will bring the outside dust inside.
  2. Don’t take a shower or touch metallic fixings; as they can conduct electricity.
  3. Don’t stand under Big trees and electricity poles; there are high chances of lightning strikes.
  4. Don’t stay in water or pools, Take Shelter.

Please share this with everyone who might be at risk, to increase awareness. Stay Safe!

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