Customized Homely-Daily Meals by Mr. Hot Foods. Time to ditch your mess center

What if you could customized your daily meals according to your taste & appetite ? What if you could do it just by few clicks, and food gets delivered to your doorstep ?


2 IIT-Kharagpur alumni have made this possible for you. Time to ditch your boring mess & become a fan of Mr. Hot Foods  !


Mr Hot Foods Kota

About a year and a half ago, Pankaj & Achal started Mr. Hot Foods in Kota with a 5 member team. Apart from them, there was one chef, one delivery guy, & one person to do the marketing. On their first day, they got 17 orders. This was back in January, 2014.


entrepreneurs in kota
Pankaj (Left); Achal (Right)


Now they have grown into staff of 57 permanent members. 300000+ orders have been placed till date. 15000+ different people have tasted their food. Those are some remarkable numbers they have achieved. But more important is to know that people are loving their food. More than 80% customers  continue their subscription after the end of 1st recharge, and an average regular customer has taken  more than 130 meals.



Pankaj told us about some of the overwhelming compliments they got from customers. One was this –

I like to concept very much and the taste of food… itna badhiya to hamare gharpe bhi nahi banta bhaiya….

So what’s so unique about them ! What gives them advantage over all those mess & tiffin centers in Kota city. Let us know more their customized meals model….


Generally when you eat at Mess or ask them to send tiffin to your place. You are very limited by the dishes you can have for Lunch or Dinner. Also, you keep on getting some dishes which you never eat, but they send it anyways. Neither you can cancel a meal if you have plans to eat at some other place. These are some of the most common drawbacks of these conventional mess & tiffin centers which students & working people who don’t cook at home, have to face everyday. This is where Mr. Hot comes in !


food ordering apps
Order Food in 3 easy steps


They have come up with a single compact solution for all these problems. You can customize your every day meals with a variety of options given to you. You get options to choose from 3-4 vegetables, sweet, salad, roti or parathas, rice or pulav, and many more items for a single meal. And you can have any number of these individual items.



Other than customized meals these are some interesting things about Mr. Hot you should know –

  • All the food is being prepared in-house at Mr. Hot by professional chefs

best mess in Kota


  • They have a take away center in Talwandi.

food delivery in Kota

  • There are currently 2 ways to eat from Mr. Hot – Instant Order or Wallet. You should try ordering from them to know these services – http://mrhot.in/

food-tech startups in india

  • Wallet is a great way to become the permanent eater from Mr. Hot while having all the perks like customizing the meal & cancellation of meal in advance. Whenever you order, balance is debited from the wallet
 cool tech startups in india
  •   They have opened in Jaipur on a franchise based model. And it is already making waves !
  • There are some recharge booths available, like some stationary shops, in the city where you can recharge your wallet.  


  • They are planning to setup a fully functional production facility of 2000 meals a day in Gurgaon.
  • Mr. Hot is not just delivering food to you. They are preparing it, packing it, delivering it, and taking your feedback to make their service more friendly and efficient.

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  • They are in talk with some angel investors for funding. Money will be invested on Streamlining of operations in Kota and Jaipur and strengthening the technology side.


Pankaj & Achal are alumni of IIT-Kharagpur who left their corporate jobs after 6 months to start a food-tech startup. They both have common interests reading and travelling. Achal loves to sing while Pankaj likes to do photography and designing.


Order from them today ! And tell us how you find their service – Website


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  • February 6, 2016 at 7:17 AM

    Great contribution from Mr Hot, made food more delicious nd affordable to students in kota city.. … Good work?

  • October 12, 2016 at 3:59 AM

    No service in kothri circle Kota by Mr. Hot


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