The three day long Bundi Utsav which highlights and showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Rajasthan begins today.


Bundi is one of the most attractive locations in the Hadoti district of Rajasthan & it truly comes alive during the Bundi Utsav held in the month of November-December every year. Bundi Utsav is a spectacular culmination of traditional art, culture and craftsmanship which surprises every visitor with its majestic charm.

Tourists love to visit Bundi during this time of their India travel to have an amazing collection. Foreign tourists are fascinated with the various cultural programs like music, dance, sports, and other competitions during the Bundi Utsav days.

What you should not miss during the Bundi Utsav?

Here are some of our recommended events & programs that one should not miss during Bundi Utsav


Early in the morning after the full moon night of Katik ( Purnima ) , men light the diyas for Women who then carry them to the river and let them float in the banks of river Chambal and seeking blessings by offering prayers. Deepdan is a wonderful sight. 

Date: 6th Nov.           Time: 7:30p.m.         Venue: Ban Ganga

Date: 7th Nov.          Time: 8:00p.m.          Venue: Jait Sagar

Man Manuhar programme

This programme is especially organized for the tourists who visit Bundi Utsav. They are being served proper Rajasthani food (Dal-Baati Churma) in a proper Rajasthani attire.

Date: 7th Nov           Time: 12:30p.m        Venue: Sukh Mahal

Cultural Evening

People of Bundi and tourists from all over the world love to attend the cultural evening as it shows all the cultural programs of Rajasthan. Programme includes their Folk dance and Folk music and it is followed by display of Sparkling Fireworks.

Date: 6th Nov            Time: 8:00 p.m.          Venue: 84pillarCenotaph

Date: 7th Nov            Time: 8:00 p.m            Venue: 84pillarCenotaph

Date: 8th Nov            Time:  7:30 p.m          Venue: Udyog Mela



All in all Bundi Utsav is a remarkable cluster of traditional art, culture and craftsmanship and visitors are left enthralled by its magnificence. And it sets a dash of folklore and culture in unlimited ways.

So what are you waiting for… Aao Padharo Bundi??