Author: Damini Rohira

Kota Hanging Bridge – City’s architectural wonder is finally ready.

Project sanctioned in 2006; Began in 2007; Was scheduled to be completed by 2012; It’s ready now ! To be inaugurated  in May, 2017. Yes, the most awaited architectural project of Kota reaches its completed. On 26 January, the remaining 13 feet gap on the bridge has been finally joined. Photograph by Praveen And now it’s looking breathtakingly astonishing, isn’t it ? The whole city enjoyed a moment of relief and satisfaction when we heard the news. “Finally”, we all whispered. Kota Bypass Bridge or famously known as Kota Hanging Bridge is a cable stayed bridge constructed 60 meters above...

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Anant showed everyone how to wed in a unique style

सबसे अनोखी यही बात, साइकिल पर निकली दूल्हे राजा की बारात Yes you read it correct! This groom carried out his whole wedding procession on a cycle. Isn’t it mind-boggling ? Anant tied a knot with her love Kavita Batra on 5th February, 2017 and made it a historical event. Firstly, he ran the Jaipur Marathon at 4’o clock in the morning, reached Kota at 11am and then without wasting any time he carried out his whole wedding procession not on a ‘GHODI‘ or a ROYAL CAR , but on a CYCLE. Yes, he cycled all the way from his home...

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Siddharth Soni- Young champ who speaks through the chords of his guitar.

“Music gives him biggest satisfaction, Practice helps him in his introspection, He never likes to miss his guitar sessions, Meet Siddharth Soni – heading towards achieving perfection” ARTIST – SIDDHARTH SONI, GUITARIST Sweet sixteen but spectacularly synchronized with the chords of guitar. Our artist is a very young and talented guitarist. He has been polishing his guitar skills from past 3 years and will leave you in a musical aura. Siddhartha also has his own Youtube channel namely SIDD VAI.  With more than 7000 views, he has over 130+ subscribers to his channel. Our artist draws his inspiration from...

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Weekend Travel Project with CrazyFeet Kavya : Perfect way to make your weekdays jealous !

Two days in a week is just not enough time for weekend. But if you take your pleasure seriously, you would want to join CrazyFeet Kavya on her weekend travel project and your definition of weekend shall change forever ! Kavya Saxena (Miss Crazyfeet) has  something very remarkable in store to make your weekends wonderful. She will take you on a two day trip every month. The travel project starts from Dec’ 2016 and will continue till March’ 2017. Starting from Churu, Shekhawati (Rajasthan) in December. Dholpur, Chambal (Rajasthan) in January. Then moving towards Pranpur, Chanderi (Madhya Pradesh) in February...

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It was one jaw dropping Sunday morning at Garadia Mahadev!

“जहाँ कचोरी की खुशबू से मेहकती है शाम, जहाँ यारो के साथ छलकते है चाय के जाम, जहाँ सातों अजूबे खड़े है एक दूसरे का हाथ थाम, एक सुहानी सी सुबह उसी कोटा शहर के नाम।” ‘एक सुबह कोटा के नाम-Exploring the unseen wonders of Kota‘, was an event organised by 247Kota on sunday, 18th Dec, 2016. The event had a mystical element to it. It was to bring the city people together  to absorb the first rays of the sun from the most beautiful part of the city- Garadia Mahadev. We were all a bunch of 35 people...

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