Author: Arnav Saroya

माँ के हाथ का खाना- घर जाने का बेस्ट बहाना।

जब भी माँ का घर से फ़ोन आता है, तो सबसे पहले वो क्या पूछती हैं ? की बेटा खाना खाया या नहीं ? अच्छे से खाया ? क्या मिला आज मेस में ? बाजार का खाना ज़्यादा तो नहीं खाते ना ? अरे होली की छुट्टियां आने वाली है , घर का खाना मिलेगा ।अरे दिवाली की छुट्टियां आने वाली ,घर का खाना मिलेगा । इन शब्दों की एहमियत माँ के खाने से दूर जाकर ही पता चलती है । कोटा में हज़ारों लाखों बच्चे हर साल अपनी जीवन के बहुत ही एहम पड़ाव को पार करने के...

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Beyond Competition and Coaching – Unleashing the Spirit of Kota

What comes to your mind when you hear about Kota ? We’re sure some similar images…. PICTURE CREDITS: HTTP://WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK/ PICTURE CREDITS: HTTP://WWW.THEHINDU.COM/ In early 80’s few coaching centers gained reputation from nationwide and since then it has established itself as the coaching hub of the country. PICTURE CREDITS: HTTP://INDIATODAY.INTODAY.IN/ Thousands of student flock here every year to prepare for competitive exams. The whole economy of Kota city is largely dependent on these coaching institutes. Roughly 1.6 lakh teenagers from the surrounding states flock to Kota’s coaching institutes every year, paying between 50,000 and a lakh for annual tuition. Though, recently Kota is...

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If a curfew is declared in Kota, what’s the first thing people would rush for

If a curfew is declared in the city, the first thing Kota residents would probably rush to is Kachori shops. Kota Kachori is what we crave most! It would sound rather an exaggerated statement but one must visit Kota to figure this out and comprehend the people’s extraordinary love for this crispy, spicy, delicious preparation. Of the three Ks—Kota doria sarees, Kota stone and Kota Kachori — the heart of Hadoti is famous for, the mouthwatering snack obviously tops the list. If you are in Kota, you can have it for breakfast or with evening tea, and also when...

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