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Bundi Utsav 2019 – Events, Main Attractions, Schedule, How to reach, etc.

When you see the light, dust, colors and street life you know you are standing in the town that is artistically inspiring, the town that is beautifully hypnotizing. You know that you are standing in “Bundi”. Bundi is a magnificent town located around 36 kilometers from Kota. The town is known for its rich cultural and traditional beauty. From the ancient historical sites to the modest streets of present, the spirit of liveliness permeates the town. Every year the town of Bundi comes alive in November with an amazing mix of an artistic and cultural festival called the “Bundi...

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Humans Of Kota- Kalyan Singh Hada

  In our much appreciated series of humans of Kota, we have always tried to bring out stories of people which can become an inspiration for many. One such story is of Mr. Kalyan Singh Hada- a gifted musician who lost both his eyes, seven fingers and one thumb at the age of six! Determined, he never quit and faced every adversity life threw at his door with a smile. Here is his story: At the backyard of our house, there was a center for gun shooting. I was sitting at the rooftop one day when someone fired few...

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Humans Of Kota – Ravindra Maru

There are people who want to be rich, there people who want peace to pervade their lives and there are people who want to devote their lives for others. This time in humans of Kota we bring to you someone who just want to spend time with children and make this world a better place for them. Presenting to you, Ravindra Maru Sir, one among the 35 people in India who are proactively working in the domain of ‘theatre in education’. I always wanted a job which allows me to spend a large portion of my time with children”...

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Humans Of Kota – Subhan Ali

Many a times we come across stories which rip us apart in an unusual way  and makes us feel lucky enough about ourselves and the circumstances we have. These stories touch the strings of our hearts the way a guitarist plays for a lost love, the way a poet writes a ballad for his beloved and the same way way a soldier remembers his days of glory while succumbing to the duality of life. Here’s one such story of a boy named Subhan Ali: “My father met with an accident last month, my mother has a defective eye, she...

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Humans Of Kota – Abdul Hanif Zaidi

The beauty of garadia is well known to us. The mesmerising look behold us all and makes us wish to lose ourselves in its beauty forever! But do you know about the man who first captured this beauty and made people look at it, the way they do today? He is Mr. Abdul Hanif Zaidi. A photographer, explorer, heritage conservationist and tourism promoter. People lovingly refer to him as “Zaidi Bhai”. He started photography in 1970, a time when most of us were not even born. Here is his story and how he unveiled the beauty of Garadia: “It...

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