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These two runners from Kota will be running World’s Largest Marathon

It always feels great to see people from our own city setting benchmarks. This is another such moment for all of us. Two dynamic runners from our city are going to run in World’s oldest Marathon this year in South Africa. Let’s get to know the journeys of these individuals & about Comrades Marathon. About Comrades Marathon  Comrades Marathon is world’s oldest and longest marathon approximately 89km, it is run yearly in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Around 20,000 people participate in the marathon every year from around the world. Since 1988, over 10,000 runners...

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Join this brilliant initiative to make Kota a Happiness City

Happiness City Initiative will kick start in the 1st week of June. The idea is to paint Kota City in the colors of happiness 🙂 Every year, around 1.5 lac students from different parts of the country come to Kota to prepare for various competitive exams. The happiness city initiative is aimed at making the environment of the city – happy, pleasant & joyful. Various programs will be launched under this initiative. You’ll be able to find more details at: www.happinesscity.in & https://web.facebook.com/happinesscitykota/ Why Happiness Initiative  To make the environment of Kota City happier & friendly for students. The initiative...

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How Sarika is creating a positive dialogue about Menstruation among adolescent girls

WHY A POSITIVE DIALOGUE ABOUT MENSTRUATION IS IMPORTANT India is home to around 120 million adolescent girls — that’s roughly 10% of the population. A girl menstruates on an average for five days a month, 12 months a year, and the cycle carries on till she reaches menopause in 40-50 years. Periods are normal and healthy, yet many girls across rural and urban India struggle to manage this monthly occurrence. Source – www.youthkiawaaz.com Moreover ( In India )- 10% of girls think that Menstruation is a disease. (UKAID) 66% of girls do not know anything about periods before their...

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Get ready for THAR’18. Techno-management fest of RTU will take place from 9th-11th March, 2018

College Festivals are a great platforms to provide exposure and engagement among students. Students learn a lot in a short time span of 3-5 days, and these few days become life-long memories for students to look back & remember their time in college. Rajasthan Technical University is ready to host its annual technical-management fest of 2018. THAR has managed to make its name across the nation for its brilliant events and workshops. Colleges from all over Rajasthan participate in the fest to make it grand. Aero-modelling, Robotics, Programming, Automotive are few areas where you’d find events happening during THAR’18....

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Last 2 Days of Kota Schools Art Exhibition. Go visit & get amazed!

Story of Kota Schools Art Exhibition  As a society, we have to come to terms with Arts not given so much importance at any stage of a child’s educational career; at its best we have accepted Art as a hobby or as a recreational activity. This is not particularly the story of our city, but you’ll be surprised to see the same scenario across the globe, except in few countries who had courage to change things. Few people of our city were not ready to accept this & they had a firm belief that Art plays a significant role...

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