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7 Best Places to visit near Kota during Monsoon

After a long sweaty and exhaustive summers, Monsoon is here to treat us with all its awesomeness Rains are welcomed in Rajasthan with wide open arms. It surely gives us relief, adds joy to our lives and brings opportunities to leave the four walls and plan trips with friends and family! The natural scenic beauty around Kota also gets a new life with the coming of Monsoon. The whole landscape looks beautiful and lush green and the pleasant weather puts a smile on everyone’s face be it humans or animals. From magnificent forts to breathtaking waterfalls, the hangout places...

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Look suave without much efforts: Raymond’s new outlet comes with magic mirror.

Do you always find it tiring to try so many outfits, going forth & back to the changing room ? Well, Raymond’s 3.0 store with their innovative Magic Mirror is here to make your life easier. Try the outfit with just a few swipes! Yes, the idea of a Magic Mirror. A magic mirror is more like a Snapchat filter where you can see your replica on the screen along with various accessories and animations (here clothes). The Newly opened Raymond Shop Kota outlet, opposite City Mall, is the first in Kota to have a Magic Mirror. So how...

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कचरा जगमगाते हम – An Exhibition of beautiful repurposed items which you can use for Diwali Decoration

Sachetan is here with the 3rd edition of their annual Diwali Exhibition “ कचरा जगमगाते हम”. This year they have lots of new and beautiful additions to their exhibition. A team of volunteers at Sachetan have created many delightful items like Decorative Lamps, Hangings, String Lights, Hand painted Deepaks and Paper Bags. The speciality about these items is that all of them are all made from waste materials. Isn’t it great to see waste materials put to such excellent use. Their lamps are made of bottles, box lights are made of unused cartons, with many other items that precisely...

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Kota Art Gallery is hosting a captivating exhibition “In Search of Bapu”. You should definitely pay a visit to this photography exhibition.

The Photography Exhibition In Search of Bapu successfully brings more mystery to the man of great faith and questions the direction of present endeavours of this nation ( and largely the world ). Many believe that Gandhi’s ideas are not the thing of the past, but holds much more significance in the present time. On the 150th Birthday of Mahatma, Kota Heritage Society has brought a captivating & thought-provoking exhibition to Kota at Art Gallery near Kishore Sagar Talav. A few years ago, a young photographer from Ahmedabad pursued his fascination to know more about Gandhi and his philosophy. The...

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Humans of Kota – Devashish Jethwani

After college, I had three options: Go for masters; get a job or come back to my hometown & manage the family business. I choose what might seem the least exciting one. I came back home. To me it was very clear: Being at home is going to help me pursue my passion for Automobiles. I was 21 years old & still in college when I built my first custom motorcycle from scrap. By the age of 22, I had 4 custom automobiles. When I came back to Kota in 2015, my collection had grown to 10 custom vehicles....

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