6 JEE-aspirants from Kota have set some major friendship goals!

JEE Mains 2018 results got declared on 1st May, and these friends from Allen Career Institute shocked everyone with their results.

Here goes the story of 6 students, united by fate.

Entered the same coaching institute, to achieve a common goal. Lived under the same roof in one hostel. Sounds like they ‘all were destined to be friends.

Jee Mains 2018 - 6 friends in top 20
Image source: TOI

It didn’t end there, they all cracked Top-20 in JEE Mains 2018; Parth Laturia (AIR-3), Bhaskar Gupta (AIR-7), Navneel Singhal (AIR-11), Lay Jain (AIR-13), Karan Agarwalla (AIR-16) and Yash Gupta (AIR-19).

Does it sound any less than a movie story? They all met 2 years ago when they took admission into the same coaching institute.

Because of studying in the same coaching, living in the same hostel they became good friends and along all the other activities they also started studying together.

Even their weekly test scores matched, these kids have defined what it’s like to be real friends. Supporting each other academically and emotionally they all managed to secure ranks among top 20 in one of the most competitive entrance exams.

Source: TOI

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