You think you know it all ?! These facts about Kota were not so easy to find !

1. Kota was once the part of Rajput Kingdom of Bundi. 

Unbelievable, right ? Now if you go to Bundi, it seems that development has been stagnant there, while Kota City is on the verge of becoming a smart city

Bundi Taragarh Fort

2. Kota is reportedly the only Indian city besides Thiruvananthapuram that receives a continuous 24-hour water supply.


We must thank our vibrant Chambal for that 😛

 Kota Thermal Power Plant

3. Kota is larger than Udaipur. It is the third largest city in Rajsthan after Jaipur, and Jodhpur.


Image Source: Wikipedia

4. Only city to be surrounded by 4 Power Plants in the radius of 50 km. Oh, you want names too !

  1. Kota Super Thermal Power Station
  2.  Rawatbhata Atomic Energy Nuclear Power Plant
  3.  NTPC Anta Gas Power Plant in Baran District
  4. Jawahar Sagar Hydro Power Plant
Rawatbhata Nuclear Power Plant

Rawatbhata Nuclear Power Plant



Do you know some interesting fact about Kota which we couldn’t find out ? Comment below, and tell other Kotaites too !